Summer class – July, 10-14th

Summer class – July, 10-14th

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Come and spend a week discovering the French pastry basics with our teaching Chefs!

We have designed a program to have you discover the all-time classics, with a nice touch of modernity.

The techniques that will be taught during the course:

• Assembling a layered mousse cake
• Choux pastry
• Making macaron batter
• Puff pastry
• Making cake batter

The recipes that will be made:

• Classic 'Fraisier' strawberry layered cake
• Paris-Brest choux
• Peach macarons
• Vanilla and chocolate marbled cake, Gianduja ganache
• Pistachio mille-feuilles
• Soft tropical fruit and white rum caramel

Lunch not included, break from 12.00 to 1 PM.

Trainees will be awarded a certificate at the end of
each training course.

Sessions will only be held if at least 4 students
are signed up.
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